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MMOD (Micro Media on Demand) is an advanced multimedia fulfillment utility model with technology driven incentives licensed by Stoner Baby®️ in compliance with the SD standards (without limitation) through SD-3C LLC, the 4C Entity, LLC and SD Association.

See how our approach is different from the status quo.

Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM), the content protection technology used for SD standards, is key to enabling a distribution system for music, video, etc. CPRM provides a high level of protection against illegal copying. The content protection technology was developed by the 4C Entity, LLC,The digital contents copyright protection technology licensing organization of IBM, Intel, Panasonic, and Toshiba.

The SD memory card CPRM function has the following features:

  • Success of mutual authentication enables host to access card protected area.

  • The protected area consumes small memory area because a content key is supposed to be saved instead of a large content.

  • Revocation feature can prevent a specific host from accessing card protected area.

  • SD CPRM Host Devices can playback an encrypted content mutually that is stored in an SD memory card.

The built-in CPRM and CPXM technology within the SD memory card and embedded SD technology gives consumers the flexibility to share content across multiple platforms. The ability to move an SD memory card among CPRM and CPXM enabled devices increases content portability for consumers and in turn, creates more opportunities for service providers and device manufacturers. For example, a consumer can create a library of content on a single SD memory card and move that to virtually any authorized device (mobile phone, PC, portable audio player, home entertainment system, in-car system) where it can be consumed and/or recorded to the device’s embedded SD memory.

Protecting content distributed via over-the-air (terrestrial) TV broadcast is possible with CPRM and CPXM technology as well. Technology for the reception of mobile TV programming is currently available in Japan through “1seg TV” and T-DMB services are either available or are currently being rolled out in parts of Asia and Europe. These services allow consumers to access broadcast TV programming on a mobile or home-based device. CPRM and CPXM could extend these services by securing the content for delivery and recording to a device’s embedded SD memory, as well as for sharing on other authorized devices. This provides new opportunities for broadcast and wireless service providers to offer subscription or download services to mobile or home-based customers.